Also time towards the prep school, to remember training was the best of time.Then I, because senior input is already finished, buts a all basically study review, most of the study of the day, review of the review (or its also review) I think I half was using in.Also, it is valid and also to review all times morning matters must remember all means.I When the secondary test, because Pre-Purchase Inspection  of the round remember of auditing standards, every day for about three weeks to concentrate, the morning, had to join in with about 10 minutes.

When the tertiary test, all the early morning of 1 week in order to memorize the wording of the audit report had been used in the audit report chorus.How it does put to ally the forgetting curve, and I need your own ingenuity for you by you.Short period if a mechanism for repeating that required in what may be set to, it is to say given the fact that.When I hear a secret plan , it might be in the mood, such as passed softening only, not of course such a thing.

Because secret plan is, precisely because a secret plan, execution he a difficult thing.Well everyone, of course, I think you know the famous forgetting curve.At best, and bear in mind to do in the very beginning of the review, what to around?Even though it only extent of effect has been established, why can not most people, it is, it is first mentioned in the first volume of this test range is large.

First, in the study method to ignore the forgetting curve, yet, study method that many students are taking, it is, turn s study method called .If you had 30 chapters of the text, in about it a month, at a pace of sequential order of the 1st one chapter, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Section 3, it was studied by the read disadvantageous Chapter 4 be going, it is something that.